I am not a musician or a music expert.

Just an ordinary person working in corporate life (ugh!), who loves music.

I feel lucky because I grew up in a house filled with music.

My grandmother used to play the piano. I lost my grandfather when I was three, so I don’t really remember him but he used to play the violin. My mother tells stories about how they used to play music together.


My childhood was no different than my mother’s. My father played the guitar and they sang together with my mother. There was always music playing in our house, mostly 50s-60s rock’n roll and classical music.

I had my own radio and cassette-player so that I could listen to music even when I slept at night. One of my favorite things to do as a little girl was to daydream while listening to music. I used to go to my father and say: “Hey Dad, let’s go for a ride and listen to music in the car. But we can’t talk because I want to daydream.” My father was kind enough to take me to those rides. That was quite special.

In time, I learned to love and listen to all kinds of music. There is always some music to go with your mood. Music to dance to, music to cheer up with, music to cry with, music to find peace with, music to live your rage with, etc.

I play the piano, I play the drums, and I love singing. As an adult (who is both young enough and old enoughJ) I still listen to music all the time. I am married to a man (a great one!) who loves and shares music with me. He can play the guitar, though he can definitely NOT sing! ? I have almost 12000 songs on my smart phone so I can listen to music even when I am at work or just walking outside.

I wanted to start writing this blog because music is what I am passionate about. This blog is something I do for myself, to feel better in every day’s hustle.

Hope you’ll enjoy it, too.